First and foremost, people buy art because they love it. Sometimes you buy a picture because it reminds you of someone, or somewhere that you love. Sometimes it just makes you laugh, or lifts your spirits. Some pictures are thought-provoking, and will always be a talking point at a party. Others are soothing, and connect on a spiritual level. Human beings have created art for as long as they have existed, so it is obviously an important part of being human!


Secondly, people buy art because it improves the look of their home or office. Art can make the most neutral room “pop”, and can give a personality and mood to spaces in a way that no other form of decoration can. There is nothing wrong with buying art because you like the colours or shapes, or it complements your decorative scheme in your home - if it brings you pleasure, then go for it!


Finally, some people buy art as an investment. At the bottom end of the market, you can find prints for a few pounds that you can frame cheaply, stick on your wall, and get pleasure from. This is great if you are on a budget, and need a quick decorative fix, or if you just like the poster. . These images are cheap however because they have been replicated in their thousands, they are printed on cheap paper that creases, tears and fades, and will never be worth more than you paid for them.

At the top end of the market, prints and photographs can and do make millions of pounds at auction and in sales. The phenomenally successful photographer Peter Lik recently sold a photograph called “The Phantom” for $6.5 million! The value of a photograph or print is directly linked to the number of the edition, and how well known the artist or photographer is. Limited edition prints from top photographers sold in exclusive galleries can easily cost thousands of pounds. 

OnGallery makes great art affordable, but in limited editions, so that the value of your artwork is more likely to increase over time, as it is relatively rare.