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Iconic London. Big Ben from Westminster Tube Station


Saluting Household Cavalry Officer

A Household Cavalry Officer saluting during a Smart ceremonial, London


Nelson's Column

Modern life going past British history.


Marching Welsh Guards

A panning shot of the Welsh Guards marching in The Mall, London, after the Queen's Birthday Parade.


Irish Guard

A Guardsman sentry at the Tower of London.


Household Cavalry Ride Past

A front view from above of a Life Guard mounted troop of soldiers on parade, The Household Cavalry, riding under the...


Holy Man

A Sadhu, or 'good man, holy man' on the banks of the Narmada river, India. Dedicated to the pursuit of moksa, which...


Wanting to Play

I took this in India from a tall railway bridge that crosses a big valley. I had been watching two men plowing a field...


Forgotten For

Whilst travelling through Madhya Pradesh in India, following the trail of Mark Shand, the conservationist who wrote...


Thirst of the Earth

A lone figure stands on the top of a hill overlooking a beautiful landscape reflected in the water.


The Red Delta

A breathtaking, mountainous landscape overlooking the Red Delta lake.


Gonna Build A Mountain

A beautiful setting of a lone figure amongst an epic mountain landscape. In April, 2014 Felicia was chosen by the best...


Orange Only

This image was shot five minutes after sunrise along the southern Iceland coast and I chose to process this photograph...


Orange and Blue

This is among my favourite images from my 2015 trip to Iceland. Sunrise at just gone 8.11am over the famous ‘ice beach’...


Stars On Ice

Another image from the Jökulsárlón glacial lagoon in Iceland, this time on a cold, clear autumnal night, as the Milky...


Ice and Mountains

A misty, overcast afternoon in the Vatnajökull National Park in Iceland leant itself to this monochrome long-exposure...


Glacial Lights

This image was shot during a late night shoot capturing the aurora borealis over the Jökulsárlón glacial lake in...


Road To The Sun

During a photography trip to southern Iceland, we stopped on the main road along the coast to enjoy the stunning sunset...


The Highlands

This was shot in a very remote spot in the Scottish highlights and this scene reminded me of that of a tranquil Indian...



Juxtaposing the humble richshaw against the coporate 'majesty' of the skyscraper and skyline behind it, this photograph...


Temptation Fashion

Shot in Florida in 2004 using natural light, David Yeo recounts "this shop was impossible to ignore with its bold red...


Car in parking lot at night

Shot in Florida in 2004 with just the light from the car park lamp on the wall, this image reverberates orange and...

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