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Bugatti Type 51

This vintage 1931 Bugatti Type 51 car was shot racing at the Goodwood Revival of 2007. The car was the premium racing...


Apache Stack Army Air Corps

A sight guaranteed to put the fear of God into the Taliban, but fortunately for them, these three RAF Apache Attack...


341 to Waterloo

This shot was taken from a tourist boat on the Thames. The texture of the concrete arches contrasts with that of the...


Model Driving Palm Springs

The idea behind 'Model Driving Through Palm Spring' was to recreate a cinematic editorial for LA Confidential with a...


Frank Sinatra Standing Next To Tbird

Frank Sinatra stands next to his brand new Ford Thunderbird in September 1955 just before the release of The Man with...


Sammy Davis Jr leaps for Marilyn Monroe

Sammy Davis Jr is captured mid-air on the set of How to Marry a Millionaire. His energy is enhanced by the cool...



Root has spent much time in Venice photographing its stunning architecture and observing its unique culture. Here, he...


Mille Miglia

Jens is an award winning photographer whose work has been sold in major art auctions, featured in worldwide...


Vintage yacht Mariette

This forty-two metre classic twin-masted schooner, Mariette, was originally built by Herreshoff in the USA in 1915. A...


Night Train

This amazing long exposure shot of the night train in Osaka, Japan, evokes early memories of ghost trains. Working in...


Concrete Jungle

Titled 'Concrete Jungle', Lin remarks on the vunerablity of the natural enviroment in Penang. The fishing village...



Photographed in Greenwich Village, Manhattan in 2004, Yeo recounts "This amazing character confidently sits astride his...


Mels Diner

Photographed during the night in Florida around 2004 in natural available and neon light, David Yeo recounts, "Mel's...


Car in parking lot at night

Shot in Florida in 2004 with just the light from the car park lamp on the wall, this image reverberates orange and...


RAF Fairford

Formerly an officer with the Household Cavalry Regiment and a reconnaissance helicopter pilot with the Air Army Corps...


Diamond Nine, RAF Red Arrows

Royal Air Force, Fairford, Swindon.


RAF Red and Blue

Farnborough Airshow.


RAF Tailwind

As a former officer with the Household Cavalry Regiment, Dalgliesh also photographs the RAF in practice.


City Hell

Cars pile themselves up on each other as planes block out the sky, welcome to the urban metropolis, a 'City Hell' in...


City Hell 1

This jam-packed, chock a block illustration, filled with planes, cars, building and people, sums up the life of an...



As David Yeo tells us, "not content with dressing the family house, the beloved family car has the same treatment. It's...


Blue Dream

Paul's studio in the Hollywood Hills in LA was next to a classic car garage, and the owners of these magnificent cars...


Night Cafe LA

A classic 50s Chevy lovingly recreated by Paul Mellia in his own unique style.


Dream Machine

This beautiful Cadillac was owned by a friend of Paul's who commissioned him to recreate it on canvas in his own unique...

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