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Brian shows his femanine side

Having known Johnny as a friend for many years, Johnny asked if he could use me as a model at my home. He had an idea...


Drive in Aarizona

I was shooting a job for Benson & Hedges in Phoenix, it was the days of the death of the drive in which was a place for...


Turtle Love

This was shot at Police Bay in the Seychelles for a sunglass brand call Camarge the model was the lovely Hylette many...


Having a swim

This image was shot at Snr Alponso Libano’s beach villa in Menorca; the idea of a girl with jewellery in a Titanic life...



I was given a grant by The Polaroid Corporation to produce some images I gained my influence from the paintings by Paul...


Give a dog a bone

Another image from my “Stuffed Animal” period the dog came from the Camden Town based taxidermist Edward Gerrard &...


Boxed In

Being inspired by Guy Bourdain and his photographs that he produced for Charles Jourdan I took this image the shoes are...


White Cop & Pretty Black Ida

Joining Martin Gibbs studio in Cape Town and becoming a partner, he changed the name to Studio 5, shooting fashion and...


Wood Shavings

When I shoot it is a construction, production after a pre-production with a crew at my side. My aim is to make the...


Sie Kommen naked

[POA - picture is the actual photograph] Signed "Helmut" this silver gelatine vintage photograph is a rare opportunity...

Sie Kommen dressed

[POA - picture is the actual photograph] Signed "Helmut" this silver gelatine vintage photograph is a rare opportunity...

French Vogue

Typical of Helmut Newton's fashion pictures of that period, when he famously said that the best fashion pictures don't...


Catherine Deneuve

Helmut Newton's famous photograph of a haughty, sensuous almost aloof Catherine Deneuve. Catherine has been the...


Henrietta big nude

Henrietta Allias is probably best known as the cover picture on Sumo, Helmut Newton's famous, massive book. She was...


Gunilla wounded

One of Newton's many photographs of Gunilla Bergstrom, she is emerging from a room or hotel suite wearing...


American Playboy LA

Looking up at a man, of whom we can see only the naked arm and hand that's grabbing her jacket. Otherwise implicitly...


Jenny Kapitan Pension Dorain

Jenny Kapitan was a favourite model of Newtons at that time, in Berlin, and this was taken in his bedroom at the...


Raquel Welch Beverly Hills

Raquel Welch made her mark in movies as the strong female character rather than the submissive female lead typical in...


Elsa Peretti in a bunny costume 2

‘Elsa Peretti in Bunny Costume’ is a lasting image of the 1970’s. Newton shot this work in New York amongst the...


Andy Warhol Paris

A most unconventional portrait, Andy Warhol is alive but is positioned and laid out as if sleeping or even dead. This...


Jassara at Rue Aubriot

Wearing a sexually aggressive stare and fetish medical support, Jassara stares demonically at someone unseen. She...

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