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When you photograph people in colour, you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in black and white,...


Three Woman

Anne-Britt's work explores the realm between dream and reality, evoking the free flow of impulses from the subconscious...


Fairy Tale

In Norse mythology, antlers symbolise sunbeams, and children symbolise the elf that brings messages from God. For...


Rose Garden

The Rose Garden symbolises the beautiful but difficult and thorny path through childhood. The silhouettes of three...


Celebration of the goddess

Celebrating Diwali 'festival of light' in the Asian African community in Kenya. One of the most important celebrations...



Verity', entitled after the dancer, presents an almost fantastical image of the young woman. Surreal in its composition...


Kite Flyers

Highly saturated in colour, this rich image of an exotic beach filled with yellow kites is an idyllic conception of a...



In this heart-warming close up of a "Dad" whether Lucking's or an anonymous figure, Lucking masterfully captures the...


Pool Shadow

Again picking up the motif of the self-portrait in the form of Lucking's feet, he also adds his shadow. Mysteriously,...


Cut Portret

This intriguing portrait of an old man, spliced up, draws from the aesthetics of Cubism. Seeing the portrait from...


Maske 2

The soft multi-colours of this portrait in many ways invoke the aesthetics of festivals and religious occasions....


Maske 3

A stunning close-up, this photograph presents this portrait as if the head was an artist's canvas rich with thick...


Samburu Wedding

An authentic Samburu blessing located in the The Milgis, Kenya. Fire was made with sticks and elephant dung; elders...


Maske 5

In this photograph, Nicolson takes the subject of the half-length portrait of a young African girl. Standing as if her...


Nude in Water

This ethereal photograph of a nude woman swimming in the water draws on the theme explored by some of the master's of...


Handcuffed 02

Handcuffed' is part of a sequence of works that use sharks jaws as handcuffs. In the words of Lieberman, 'it symbolises...



Photographer John Thorton recounts, 'This was shot on my first holiday in the UK. Sue and I went to a quiet little...


300 Voyeurs

As John Thorton recounts, "In the 1970's I was considered the most popular photographer in Spain. I was asked to do a...


The Pigs

As John Thorton recounts, 'I became aware of the police being called 'Pigs' during the 1960s in America, relating to...


About Face

As John Thorton recounts, "This image is of Regina Cheng. I did my original drawing many years before. I always do...



Photographed in Greenwich Village, Manhattan in 2004, Yeo recounts "This amazing character confidently sits astride his...



Shot in December 2006 in natural light, Yeo remarks that 'The Twins were photographed on the seafront in Folkestone...


Blond on blond

Shot for Vogue, ‘Blonde on Blonde’ features clothing by Yves Saint Laurent, whose career Helmut Newton is largely...

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