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Washing Machine

This comically styled nude portrait of a woman flipping pancakes over a washing machine highlights Paul's wry and...


Sigourney Weaver

This portrait of a scantily clad Sigourney Weaver, shot on the Warner Bros film studios lot in California, presents...



Oskin's photography is daring, provocative and potical in equal measure. Here, Oskin takes the the subject of the...


Side Violence

Surreal, animalistic, provocative, whatever you name it Oskin's images do not fail to shock. This image of a topless...



Surreal, animalistic, daring, provocative, whatever you call it Oskin's images do not fail to shock. This image of an...



Recalling the provocative work of Robert Mapplethorpe, Oskin takes the subject of a black male's buttocks to create...


She's in the Money

Photographed by acclaimed fashion photographer Daniela Federici, Anna Nicole Smith posed for Playboy magazine in...


Japanese repose iv

Inspired by a set of 1920's Japanese transparencies that Mitchell found whilst at a photography studio in Japan,...


Japanese repose iii

Mastering the art of life drawing, Mitchell's portrait of a Japanese girl lying down displays an excellent...


Japanese repose ii

This stunning life drawing of a beautiful Japanese lady is fashioned out an expert manifulation of shadow to create...


Japanese repose i

Elegant, serene, and beautifully drawn, Mitchell visually encapsulates the aesthetic of the East. The model is bathed...


Jerry Hall, Spitting, French Vogue

In this playful photograph, shot for French Vogue in 1978, Helmut Newton captures supermodel Jerry Hall teasing spiting...


Hollywood 1976 (Cadillac in garage)

In ‘Hollywood 1976 Cadillac in Garage’, Newton plays on the idea of parking multiple cars in your garage. Channelling...


Winnie at the Negresco

There is perhaps no better image to exemplify the profound affect the iconic Hungarian photographer, Brassai had on the...


The Adventures of Pam Tool Time Girl

Known for his high energy and hyper real aesthetic, LaChapelle work is often classed as "kitsch pop surrealism". Here,...


The Bridge

With an eye of the graceful forms of the human nude, Lieberman captures the female body in full bridge, focusing her...


Just Desserts

Just Desserts' is a stunning unity of Octopus and nude, bringing to the fore our symbiosis with the natural world....


Handcuffed 02

Handcuffed' is part of a sequence of works that use sharks jaws as handcuffs. In the words of Lieberman, 'it symbolises...


Sweetheart of the Month

This portrait of an ambitious Norma Jean was photographed by Tom Kelley in 1949. Four years later, Norma Jean had...


Salvador Dali I

Salvador Dali collaborated with Pompeo Posar for this 1974 photoshoot for Playboy magazine, set in the garden of his...


Pirellis hot dates

The great Bert Stern shot the famous Pirelli calendar in 1986, later published by Playboy magazine. This photo forms...


Striped Nude

Federici displays her artful mastery of form and tone to create an abstract of the female nude using the shadows of a...


Vulve 4

Shrouded in semi-abstraction, this erotic photography transfers Nicolson's exploration in floral photography onto the...


Vulve 2

In many ways recalling the work of Georgia O'Keefe, Nicolson embraces the erotic potential of subtly framed...

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