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Three Woman

Anne-Britt's work explores the realm between dream and reality, evoking the free flow of impulses from the subconscious...


Flood 1

This picture was taken on the shores of Lake Naivasha in the rift valley Kenya. It’s part of an art-photography series...



Inspired by the classical nude photography of Horst P. Horst, 'Shambu' reflects the links between the curves of the...


Maske 1

This striking image of the female form layered in green and gold body paint has the hallmarks of exotic rituals, tribal...


Vulve 2

In many ways recalling the work of Georgia O'Keefe, Nicolson embraces the erotic potential of subtly framed...


Vulve 4

Shrouded in semi-abstraction, this erotic photography transfers Nicolson's exploration in floral photography onto the...


Striped Nude

Federici displays her artful mastery of form and tone to create an abstract of the female nude using the shadows of a...


Pirellis hot dates

The great Bert Stern shot the famous Pirelli calendar in 1986, later published by Playboy magazine. This photo forms...


Salvador Dali I

Salvador Dali collaborated with Pompeo Posar for this 1974 photoshoot for Playboy magazine, set in the garden of his...


Sweetheart of the Month

This portrait of an ambitious Norma Jean was photographed by Tom Kelley in 1949. Four years later, Norma Jean had...


Handcuffed 02

Handcuffed' is part of a sequence of works that use sharks jaws as handcuffs. In the words of Lieberman, 'it symbolises...


Just Desserts

Just Desserts' is a stunning unity of Octopus and nude, bringing to the fore our symbiosis with the natural world....


The Bridge

With an eye of the graceful forms of the human nude, Lieberman captures the female body in full bridge, focusing her...


Shelley with Water Umbrella and Colour

This was shot on Polaroid film, courtesy of a generous grant that came from Polaroid via Elko Wolf, a director at the...


Bathtub escape

Thorton recounts, "I was given a grant by The Polaroid Corporation to produce images on their film, so I built a room...


Deborah in dentist chair

This photograph of Deborah Vaughan was taken at Thorton's flat in Hyde Park Mansions. Equal parts provocative, surreal...


I spy with my little eye

As John Thorton recounts, "This was shot in Freddy Bannister's house in Knightsbridge. Freddy was the promoter who set...


Phallic Symbolism

As John Thorton recounts, "I was invited to do another photographic demonstration in Spain as I had done with my 300...


Playing with my Train

As John Thorton recounts, "To get this shot the way I wanted it, this was set up in my studio so I could control the...


Melrose Ave

As John Thorton recounts, "Shot in Cabbell Street, where I lived with my first girlfriend in the UK, Susan Mary Young. ...


Corridor in Sicily

As John Thorton recounts, "I had been commissioned by an Italian Art Magazine to go to Citti del Mare, a new holiday...


I love suspenders

In this playful image, the cat and the stockings are playfully held up with balloons. "It was shot in my flat in Hyde...


300 Voyeurs

As John Thorton recounts, "In the 1970's I was considered the most popular photographer in Spain. I was asked to do a...

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