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Music & Film


An iconic photograph of a man dancing in the rain, Russell rushes back to the 50's. Evoking Gene Kelly's 1952 film...


grand piano

Juxtaposing the grandness of the piano with the derelict environment around it, this musical image hints at memories of...


Eartha Kitt

Michael Ochs is "America's pre-eminent rock n' roll archivist" (LA Times), compiling a collection of over 3 million...


Miles Davis

An iconic shot of Miles Davis, the most influential jazz musician of the modern age, playing at full blast. At the...


Woman being filmed

In ‘Woman being filmed’ Newton combines two of his favourite themes: the voyeuristic gaze and empowered, nonchalant...


Hollywood 1976 (Cadillac in garage)

In ‘Hollywood 1976 Cadillac in Garage’, Newton plays on the idea of parking multiple cars in your garage. Channelling...


Charlotte Rampling

One of Helmut Newton’s favourite sitters, the English actress Charlotte Rampling was an icon of the Swinging Sixties. A...


James Dean on the set of Giant

From a great friendship with James Dean, photographer Frank Worth was given inside access to movie sets, including the...


Sigourney Weaver

This portrait of a scantily clad Sigourney Weaver, shot on the Warner Bros film studios lot in California, presents...


Jimi Hendrix

I was a 22 years old in 1967. A magazine called Rave offered me a break on January 5th 1967 by asking me to shoot some...


Marilyn Monroe as Norma Jean Baker

This rare collector's print, from an edition of just 8, is signed personally by Hugh Hefner, the legendary founder of...


In Bed with Marilyn

Douglas Kirkland has been at the cutting edge of fashion, photojournalism and portraiture, working for the world's most...


Gentleman Prefer Blondes

Eugene Kornman, also known as Gene Korman, was a photographer whose work ranged from movie stills (Scarface, Doctor...


Monroe with Billy Wilder for Seven Year Itch

Sixty one years ago in 1955, Marilyn stood on top of a New York subway grate and created cinematic history. In a...


Marilyn Portrait

Marilyn Monroe was an American actress, model, and singer who became a major sex symbol, starring in a number of...


Marilyn having a laugh on deckchair

American actress, model, and singer Marilyn Monroe became a major sex symbol, starring in a number of commercially...


Charlotte Rampling at Hotel du Nord

Charlotte said this would be her last ever nude shoot, a promise that Newton would persuade her to break a number of...


David Bowie in Monte Carlo 1983

This iconic shot of Newton's great friend, David Bowie, is one he considered of his best and chose to include in his...