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Three Woman-Small
Anne-Britt Kristiansen

Three Woman-SmallThree Woman-Small

Three Woman-Small
Anne-Britt Kristiansen

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Anne-Britt's work explores the realm between dream and reality, evoking the free flow of impulses from the subconscious mind. This painting illustrates the feeling of belonging and its importance. The dove symbolises communication and the desire for peace. The work is beautifully composed with disparate elements uniting together to acheive a pleasing whole- as well as establishing a sense of narrative.

Anne-Britt Kristiansen

From Oslo in Norway, Anne-Britt Kristiansen is a fine art painter and photographer.

Her paintings are often photographs of children and adults in various situations. She sees herself as a colour artist who uses colour to reinforce expressions. The figures in her artwork show different states of mind from joy to vulnerability.

Anne-Britt's paintings are built up of several layers of acrylic paint and can use other materials such as coal, tissue paper, and fabrics to achieve special textures.

Anne-Britt Kristiansen, artist from Oslo Norway