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Landscape, Sea & Sky

Norwegian Sunrise

Picturing a majestic Norwegian mountian range as it is slowly bathed in early morning light, Robinson captures a...



This spectacular display of the Northern Lights over Iceland has an abstract and ethereal quality to it. As if a...


Waterfowl Lake

Located just north of Lake Louis, Waterfowl Lake is a remote lake in Banff's National Park off the beaten track. Darwin...


The American Falls

The American Falls is one of three waterfalls that together are known as Niagara Falls. Unlike the much larger...


Spruce in Snow

This abstract landscape of rolling snow covered hills has nothing but a spruce tree in the mid-distance. The smooth,...


Nigel Creek

Shot with a slow exposure to capture the flow of water, Darwin captures this intimate natural close-up in an almost...


Niagara River

This calming photograph of the Niagara River is a world away from the exhilarating force and energy of the river iconic...


Elkwater Lake

Taken in Elkwater Lake in Alberta, Darwin displays his eye for composition. In this photo, he has matched the curve of...


Three in a boat

The river Rhône is a stunning location for fishing. Since the crack of dawn, the fishermen have been in their boat,...


Alone in the mountains

Shot in the St Vzran mountains in the heart of the Southern Alps in France, the photographer Jacques Pion recalls "...


Landscape in the desert

Using a wide angle camera, Keiditsch shoots from the gravel out into the distance till the road becomes but a blip on...


Blue Horizon

Virtually monochrome in colour, Keiditsch captures the blurring boundary between sea and sky as if it was a...


Wedge Pond

This beautiful mountainous landscape, shot at sunset, is perfectly reflected in the lake below. As flat as glass, the...


Wave Abstracts

Shot at Wilhelmina Bay, Darwin captures the almost inky water surface in the Antarctica. Silky and smooth, Darwin...


Water Abstracts

Taken at Horsehoe Lake in Jasper National Park, Darwin captures the abstract beauty of the lake's surface as it rushes...


Vermilion Lake

This majestic shot of a mountainous landscape foregrounded by a calm lake was taken at sunrise. Darwin has captured the...


Rushing River

Taken with a slow exposure, this landscape photograph of a flowing river is simply beautiful. A warm light peaks...


Pyramid Lake

This shot, taken in Jasper, Alberta, is so cold we can almost feel it. The jetty is canvased in snow and the water a...


Lightning Storm

Shot on Prairie Highway, Alberta, this is the stuff of storm chasers. A freshly tarmaced road leading directly towards...


Ice Bubbles

This chilly photograph of ice bubbles frozen across Abraham Lake in Alberta captures the extreme landscape that can be...


Horseshoe Falls

In this shot of Table Rock in Niagara Falls, Darwin displays his powers as a landscape photographer. He has captured...


Herbert Lake

This stunning landscape shot of Banff National Park in Alberta exemplifies the majesty of the Canadian outdoors. With...


Gentoo Penguins

This expansive landscape of Gentoo Penguins, taken on Saunders Island, is a stunning example of Darwin's landscape...


Forget me not Pond

Found in Kananaskis, this icey, unforgiving pond sits at the bottom of a harsh landscape canvased by Canada's deep...