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Edges 2-Small
Sanders Nicolson

Edges 2-SmallEdges 2-Small

Edges 2-Small
Sanders Nicolson

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Soho Black Total Size : 63X47CMTraditional Frame
Hand-made in the UK.
Mounted on museum quality backboard with scratch resistant acrylic glass offering 99.9% UV protection.

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SKU : ON1146-S

This close up photograph of the center of a flower, reveals the rich texture of the petal leaves through Nicolson's distinctive painting technique. Always disheartened by the limits of photographic texture on thin prints, Nicolson's artwork was finally transformed when he discovered piezo ink technologies. This allowed him to develop a rich finished form to his photographs. Former top fashion and beauty photographer, Sanders Nicolson, winner of the prestigious AFAEP Gold award, turned his back on the advertising world when he moved to the Scottish Borders. Liberated, he developed a freer, ethnic influenced style, beautifully illustrated in his "Maske" and "Edges" series.

Sanders Nicolson

Whilst enjoying a successful career in advertising, Sanders Nicolson has always been passionately committed to fine art photography and printmaking.

 He became very excited at the possibilities presented by the 'IRIS' printing system and was closely involved with it during its introduction in the early 90's. For years he was dissatisfied by the limitations in texture of the photographic print and by the aesthetic restrictions of the emulsions and paper available.

 With the freedom to experiment in the the 'IRIS' system and in the many newer piezo ink technologies, he has been able to develop his work to the finished form for which he has long been searching, utilising the wide range of art papers now available to create images that are closer in feel to screen print and lithograph than to conventional photography.

 He is currently living and working in the Scottish Borders.

Sanders Nicholson