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Flora & Fauna

Rose Garden

The Rose Garden symbolises the beautiful but difficult and thorny path through childhood. The silhouettes of three...


Industrial Autumn

Haker's great talent is the ability to create the texture of painting within his photography. In this romantic image of...


Flood 1

This picture was taken on the shores of Lake Naivasha in the rift valley Kenya. It’s part of an art-photography series...


Winter Time

These strikingly unique visions of plants protecting themselves from the depth of alpine winter suggest the majesty and...


Winter Time 2

These stunningly unique visions of plants folded in on themselves to protect themselves from the cold depth of alpine...



Composed around a single tree, this photograph has the feeling of being shot in a pre-historic age. The sapling can, in...



Taken at Kirkbymoorside in Yorkshire, Polonsky captures the majestic grace of a historic oak shrouded in shadow. It's a...



This photograph focuses on a sea of lupins in bloom set against the majesty of the English moors. Shot with a unique...


Tree Lions Head

Polonsky has shot his iconic landscapes across the world. Here, he takes the subject of the 'Tree Lions Heads', a...


Autumn Love

This romantic image of a red-leafed maple in full bloom is a fresh take on photographs of romantic images of roses. A...


Meditation IX

This chromatic, almost kaleiodoscopic view of the natural world is an artistic language that is singular to Gerlikaite....


Meditation XV

In this photograph, Gerlikaite captures the romantic and whimiscal sense of high summer. Dainty, refined and feminine,...


Edges 1

Always disheartened by the limits of photographic texture on thin prints, Nicolson's artwork was finally transformed...


Edges 2

This close up photograph of the center of a flower, reveals the rich texture of the petal leaves through Nicolson's...


Edges 7

Rich purples bounce off sunny yellows in this richly printed image. Always disheartened by the limits of photographic...


Edges 8

This photograph is an abstract conception of the intricate colourways inherent in a flower. Always disheartened by the...


Edges 9

Nicolson's expertly captures the soft blue tones of a flower in this semi-abstract close up. Former top fashion and...


Edges 10

A close-up semi-abstract photograph of a flower's center, Nicolson pitches deep reds against yellows and blacks. Using...


Kaktus 1

Surrounded by a sea of white, Nicolson presents a kaktus as if a scientific specimen. Yet the rich texture of the plant...


Kaktus 2

Presented on a blank canvas as if a scientific study, Nicolson allows us an objective view on this stunning young...


Kaktus 3

Presented as if a scientific specimen, Nicolson grants us a glimpse of a kaktus in its infancy. We are struck by its...


Seas of Red

The major art installation Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red at the Tower of London marked one hundred years since...


Green Shadow

Taking the subject of a bamboo woods at night, Wada transports us to an eerily exotic forest with a path leading us...


Morning Rose

A delicate photograph of a rain drenched rose.

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