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Fashion & Style

Riding crop and mirror

Believed to be Gunilla Bergstrom taken from the same shoot as Saddle 2 at the Lancaster Hotel, Paris.


Man kissing woman by stairs

For Vogue, Paris


Hotel suite 1 after dinner

Exquisitly sexy, kinky and typial of the sexually-charged work of Helmut Newton


David Bowie portrait

This a very rare crop of a well-known David Bowie photograph by Newton. It i unclear how this crop arose, but from our...


Model supporting model

For Yves t Lauranet, Stern Magazine


Piscine Deligny

For Patou and Laroche, Vogue. At the Piscine Deligny, Paris


Patti Hansen & Rene Russo

Patti Hansen and Rene Russo dancing in a field


Fashion for Chloe 1977

Karl Lagerfeld for Chloe, Stern Magazine, Tsucany


Man kissing woman in hallway

Yves st Laurent for Vogue


Leopard skin coat

National Fur Company for Queen


Tomb of Talma

Shot in the famous Parisian graveyard Pere lachaise for Yves St Laurent


French Vogue 1976

Fashion shoot for French Vogue.


Self Portrait Hotel Bijou

Just study this picture for a moment. Newton is looking up into a ceiling mirror, topped by a model, and has the remote...


11.31 Marilyn Monroe

The Marilyn Monroe series is arguably Warhol’s most recognized portfolio. Fascinated by her fame, Warhol used Marilyn...

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