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Fashion & Style

Celine Dion

This glamourous shot of the singer, Celine Dion, posing thrugh the archway of a door captures the moment she walks out...


Model in Hallway

A top fashion photograph, Federici presents an enigmatic photograph of a model spotlight down a long hotel corridor....


Rue Aubriot

In this iconic shot entitled ‘Rue Aubriot’, actress Vibeke Knudsen stands alone in a lamp lit Parisian street. Styled...


Upstairs at Maxim's

‘Upstairs at Maxim’s’ (1978) indulges in one of Newton’s most famous motifs- the mannequin. Set in a famous French...


Tomb of Talma

In ‘Tomb of Talma’, Helmut Newton’s infatuation with the surrealist photography of 1930’s Paris comes to the fore....


Saddle II

Newton shot this now seminal work after noticing the display cases in the Faubourg Saint-Honoré windows of Hermès....



Terry Fincher is renowned for his war photography, having covered, among others, the Suez crisis, five tours in Vietnam...


Model on Stairs

In this photograph, the influence of Helmut Newton on Federici's style is undenialable. The motif of the nude outdoors...


Diamond Nights

In the words of Lieberman, 'Diamond is about fun, excitement, and laughter'. Taking cue from the elegant fashion...


Down Boy

Pure fun, with a side of sexiness thrown in, this image of a snake creeping past fish net tights is provocatively...


Shelley with Water Umbrella and Colour

This was shot on Polaroid film, courtesy of a generous grant that came from Polaroid via Elko Wolf, a director at the...


Dalis Lips

I had seen a copy of the Mae West Lips sofa that Dali was commissioned to produce by Edward James John Thorton...


Film Can Hat

This photograph was shot in Tom Lowry's studio behind the Woodman Pub in Battersea. As Thorton recounts, "I asked an...


Lady with lamp

Thorton recounts, "I shot this during my 'stuffed animal period'. My favourite film was and still is 'The Discreet...



As John Thorton recounts, "This was a shot I did all for myself at my home in Chelsea. I used both a SX70 Polaroid and...


Holding my heart

As John Thorton recounts, "My infatuation with my ex-wife Alex is manifest in this image, photographed in Barry Ryan's...


I love suspenders

In this playful image, the cat and the stockings are playfully held up with balloons. "It was shot in my flat in Hyde...


Terror of the Broken Mirrors

The late Guy Bourdin was a protege of Man Ray, and he heavily influenced many of Thorton's photographs. In the words of...


Bad Taste

As John Thorton recounts, 'This all revolved around Richard Sharah who was 'a make-up artists' in the real sense of the...


About Face

As John Thorton recounts, "This image is of Regina Cheng. I did my original drawing many years before. I always do...



Photographed in Greenwich Village, Manhattan in 2004, Yeo recounts "This amazing character confidently sits astride his...



Shot in December 2006 in natural light, Yeo remarks that 'The Twins were photographed on the seafront in Folkestone...


Temptation Fashion

Shot in Florida in 2004 using natural light, David Yeo recounts "this shop was impossible to ignore with its bold red...


Chez Patou

Shot for French Vogue in 1977, ‘Chez Patou’ is a dramatic take on the atelier model. Laced with attitude and...

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