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Dancing with Disability 3-Small
Mia Collis

Dancing with Disability 3-SmallDancing with Disability 3-Small

Dancing with Disability 3-Small
Mia Collis

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For over a year I worked with a dance group in Nairobi consisting mainly of dancers with physical disabilities. In Kenya disability is a taboo and the majority of people who are differently abled are hidden from society.PAMOJA (meaning together in Swahili) is a multi-abled and disabled professional dance group in Nairobi. The contradictions that embody the lives of the dancers is fascinating. Hidden from daily life and revealed on stage. Shunned by society and loved by the audience. Most individuals in the group were born and grew up into a life of serious adversity, and yet many, as a testimonial to their strength of character, are now the breadwinners of their families.

Mia Collis

Mia Collis has a respected photo-documentary track record stretching back 8 years in East Africa and around the world. Born in Kenya, educated in Britain with a major in Anthropology, she’s currently based out of Nairobi.

Ongoing multi-year projects include photo documentation of the battle against drug addiction on the East African coast; the role of courage and love following a spina bifida birth, and a technically complicated mother/daughter portrait series revealing years of change.

Awards and honours: National Geographic 'Editors Pick' twice. Production Manager on 2 successive IMAX 3D/Warner Bros. wildlife features: “Born to be Wild” (2011), and “Island of Lemurs: Madagascar” (2014), both went to theaters worldwide.Contributions: London’s “Libertine Magazine” , “Comic Relief” (UK) “DieWelt” (Germany), “Borsen” (Denmark),“Dagens Industri” (Sweden), CNNs “Photoblog” (USA), New York Times ” Lens Blog”(USA), Today’s Zaman (Turkey), World Literature Today Magazine (USA), Global Post (Boston), PBS News Hour (USA), USAID “Front Lines” cover,