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Celebration of the goddess

Celebrating Diwali 'festival of light' in the Asian African community in Kenya. One of the most important celebrations...


Kite Flyers

Highly saturated in colour, this rich image of an exotic beach filled with yellow kites is an idyllic conception of a...


Samburu Wedding

An authentic Samburu blessing located in the The Milgis, Kenya. Fire was made with sticks and elephant dung; elders...


hear no see no speak no centrefold

This ongoing series of works by Mitchell takes early 20th century Japanese postcards depicting the daily routine of a...


secret pleasures

This continuing series of works by Gavin Mitchell takes early twentieth century Oriental postcards depicting the daily...


secret stash

This ongoing series of artworks by Mitchell takes 1920's Japanese postcards depicting the daily routine of a Geisha as...


Forgotten For

Whilst travelling through Madhya Pradesh in India, following the trail of Mark Shand, the conservationist who wrote...


Wanting to Play

I took this in India from a tall railway bridge that crosses a big valley. I had been watching two men plowing a field...


Holy Man

A Sadhu, or 'good man, holy man' on the banks of the Narmada river, India. Dedicated to the pursuit of moksa, which...