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Classic & Vintage


In ‘Shoe’, we see Newton moving away from full-length portraits and towards more abstract explorations of line and...


Comme Jackie O

Perhaps the most remarkable work, at least for its sensationalist story, in the gallery’s collection is this photograph...


British Vogue 1967

Taken for a spread in 1967, ‘British Vogue, 1967’ was shot on an airfield outside of London. At the time, Newton’s...


James Dean on the set of Giant

From a great friendship with James Dean, photographer Frank Worth was given inside access to movie sets, including the...


16th Arrondissement

In ‘16th Arrondissement’ (1975), Newton subtly plays on the relationship between lady and maid. A forcefully placed...


Hollywood 1976 (Cadillac in garage)

In ‘Hollywood 1976 Cadillac in Garage’, Newton plays on the idea of parking multiple cars in your garage. Channelling...


Blond on blond

Shot for Vogue, ‘Blonde on Blonde’ features clothing by Yves Saint Laurent, whose career Helmut Newton is largely...


Winnie at the Negresco

There is perhaps no better image to exemplify the profound affect the iconic Hungarian photographer, Brassai had on the...


Le Cadre Noir de Saumur

In ‘Le Cadre Noir de Saumur’, Helmut Newton is at his candid best, creating suggestive narratives that play on the...


The Pigs

I became aware of the police being called “Pigs” during the 1960s in America, relating to the Anti-Vietnam War...


Bad Taste

This all revolved around Richard Sharah who was “A MAKE UP ARTIST” in the real sense of the words. He became known for...


Terror of the Broken Mirrors

The late Guy Bourdin was a protégé of Man Ray, and he heavily influenced many of my photographs. Guy was a ground...


300 Voyeurs

As John Thorton recounts, "In the 1970's I was considered the most popular photographer in Spain. I was asked to do a...


I love suspenders

In this playful image, the cat and the stockings are playfully held up with balloons. "It was shot in my flat in Hyde...


Corridor in Sicily

As John Thorton recounts, "I had been commissioned by an Italian Art Magazine to go to Citti del Mare, a new holiday...


Melrose Ave

As John Thorton recounts, "Shot in Cabbell Street, where I lived with my first girlfriend in the UK, Susan Mary Young. ...


Playing with my Train

As John Thorton recounts, "To get this shot the way I wanted it, this was set up in my studio so I could control the...


Phallic Symbolism

As John Thorton recounts, "I was invited to do another photographic demonstration in Spain as I had done with my 300...


I spy with my little eye

As John Thorton recounts, "This was shot in Freddy Bannister's house in Knightsbridge. Freddy was the promoter who set...



As John Thorton recounts, "This was a shot I did all for myself at my home in Chelsea. I used both a SX70 Polaroid and...


Lady with lamp

Thorton recounts, "I shot this during my 'stuffed animal period'. My favourite film was and still is 'The Discreet...


Film Can Hat

This photograph was shot in Tom Lowry's studio behind the Woodman Pub in Battersea. As Thorton recounts, "I asked an...


Deborah in dentist chair

This photograph of Deborah Vaughan was taken at Thorton's flat in Hyde Park Mansions. Equal parts provocative, surreal...