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Rushing Home 2

This photograph of a man chasing a bus on a rainy day is a powerful image in which Lin sums up the idea of 'never...


Rushing Home

In the words of Lin, "What's more important than family? No matter rain, sunny or any harsh weather, a promise is a...


Back Alley

This is the back alley of Yong Lin's grandmother's house in Alor Setar, Kedah. The stunning colours, unblemished starry...


The Party

The dark, almost mathematical precision of this New York skyline is juxaposed against a small scene of hedonistic...


Golden Thames

A photographic equivalent of a Turner or Twombly, this image of London's nightlights reflecting off the Thames has...



Inspired by the macro-photographs of Andreas Gursky, Russell attempts the capture the vast scale of the Manhattan...


Purple Thames

This image of London's nightlights reflecting off the Thames is almost abstract expressionist in its quality. The...


Shadow Ballet

This electric nightscape of cars passing under, through and over a motorway system is a stunning example of the...


Night Light

This distinctive shot of the iconic New York skyline shot just after dusk captures the transforming moments of a city...


Seas of Red

The major art installation Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red at the Tower of London marked one hundred years since...


341 to Waterloo

This shot was taken from a tourist boat on the Thames. The texture of the concrete arches contrasts with that of the...



This photograph of London's House of Parliament is shrouded in a rich fog that recalls early twentieth century...

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