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Jimi Hendrix Triptych-Large
Mike Berkofsky

Jimi Hendrix Triptych-LargeJimi Hendrix Triptych-Large

Jimi Hendrix Triptych-Large
Mike Berkofsky

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I was a 22 years old in 1967. A magazine called Rave offered me a break on January 5th 1967 by asking me to shoot some pictures of a new American singer and guitarist who had also just got his break in London recording ‘Hey Joe’. His name was Jimi Hendrix. I took the shoot to Rave magazine, and they ringed a few transparencies they liked. I asked for my rolls back, but they said they'd return them when they were finished. That was the biggest mistake I ever made. They never gave me back the film. The only reason I have this image is because I happened to do one transparency first as a test, to check the exposure was right for the rest of the shots.
Recently, I found out there was a flood in the basement where Rave kept its picture archive. Everything, including early photographs of the Beatles and the Stones, got eaten by rats. All that remains is this one picture of Jimi. I lost track of the slide for a while, when I was moving back and forth between LA and Europe for work. But a few years ago, I got a call from my old assistant saying he had a box of my pictures. He wondered if he should throw them out because they'd been in his garage and were sodden. But in one of the plastic files I found my picture of Jimi, covered in fungus and bleached out.

It took three years to properly restore it – scanning it, fixing tiny bits, then finally turning it back into film. I worked on the contrast and the colour, and even had to graft a bit of “skin” on to his cheekbone where it got stuck on the plastic file. But there's no airbrushing. That would be sacrilege.

Mike Berkofsky

Mike Berkofsky is a London born fashion and advertising photographer, TV Commercials Director & Director of Photography. 

Between 1961 and 1967 Berkofsky apprenticed as a black and white darkroom printer - specializing in fashion and lith printing for fashion and advertising photographers in London’s West End. He later went on to work as a freelance fashion and advertising photographer doing editorials for Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Depeche Mode and many more. He has worked on over 70 magazine covers and hundreds of published editorials.

Much of his advertising work includes Levis, Miss Selfridge, Smirnoff, Jaguar, Yardley, Cinzano, Coca Cola, Faberge, Coty Lamon, Wool Council, Courtaulds, Mary Quant, Wallis, Martini & Rossi, Pretty Polly, Bacardi, and many more.

Berkofsky has worked alongside an impressive collection of creatives, models and artists including Michael Jackson, Jimi Hendrix, Elizabeth Taylor, Brian Duffy and David Baily.

After living in Los Angeles for many years he now lives in North London close to his daughter and is finishing his book called, ‘Bringing Back Jimi Hendrix.’