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Flowers 11.66-Medium

Originally first published in 1970 and based on a photograph by nature photographer Patricia Caulfield, Andy Warhol made prints of the Mandrinette flower with each print featuring the blooms petals in various colours. The Mandrinette flower is an extremely rare native shrub found on the mountains of Mauritius, an island off the southeast coast of Africa. Once Caulfield was aware of Warhol’s Flowers, she quickly sued Warhol. Though the artist offered two sets of his Flowers screenprints as payment, Caulfield declined and a cash settlement was arranged. “Andy realized that he had to be very careful about appropriating for the fear of being sued again. He opted to start taking his own photographs. His entry into photography vis-a-vis his creation of silkscreen paintings was done out of necessity” (G. Malanga, quoted in The Andy Warhol Museum (ed.), Andy Warhol Photography, Pittsburgh, 1999 p. 116). All of the prints are stamped in blue on the back with "Published by Sunday B. Morning" and "fill in your own signature". They also come with a certificate of authenticity. These are authentic Sunday B. Morning prints.