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French Vogue

Typical of Helmut Newton's fashion pictures of that period, when he famously said that the best fashion pictures don't...


Catherine Deneuve

Helmut Newton's famous photograph of a haughty, sensuous almost aloof Catherine Deneuve. Catherine has been the...


Raquel Welch Beverly Hills

Raquel Welch made her mark in movies as the strong female character rather than the submissive female lead typical in...


Elsa Peretti in a bunny costume 2

‘Elsa Peretti in Bunny Costume’ is a lasting image of the 1970’s. Newton shot this work in New York amongst the...


Andy Warhol Paris

A most unconventional portrait, Andy Warhol is alive but is positioned and laid out as if sleeping or even dead. This...


ATP World Finals at O2

Leo Mason captured the world's top eight male tennis players (2016) in one exceptonal and unique image. This is a...


David Bowie in Monte Carlo 1983

This iconic shot of Newton's great friend, David Bowie, is one he considered of his best and chose to include in his...


Charlotte Rampling at Hotel du Nord

Charlotte said this would be her last ever nude shoot, a promise that Newton would persuade her to break a number of...


David Bowie portrait

This a very rare crop of a well-known David Bowie photograph by Newton. It i unclear how this crop arose, but from our...


Patti Hansen & Rene Russo

Patti Hansen and Rene Russo dancing in a field


Hugh Hefner with Bunnies

Hugh Hefner lined up with the Bunnies next to the Playboy airplane in the late 1960s. Nicknamed "The Flying Mattress",...


Hugh Hefner on bed

Hugh Hefner on his round bed at The Playboy Mansion which often doubled as a desk.

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