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Cindy Crawford

Perhaps one of Federici's most iconic celebrity portraits of the famous Cindy Crawford, the 1980's supermodel is cast...


Diane Kruger

This elegant portrait of Diane Kruger counterposes her against the blurred and poised Rodin-esque sculpture standing...



Another seminal photograph of an iconic musical giant, this photograph of Prince captures him in the tradition of the...


Frank Sinatra Standing Next To Tbird

Frank Sinatra stands next to his brand new Ford Thunderbird in September 1955 just before the release of The Man with...


James Dean Seated Behind Fence Set of Giant

From a great friendship with James Dean, photographer Frank Worth was given inside access to movie sets, including the...


Elizabeth Taylor classic portrait on set of Giant

This photograph shows the iconic film star Elizabeth Taylor striking a pose between takes on the set of 1956 film...


Marilyn Monroe

Taken on the set of the 1953 romantic comedy "How to Marry a Millionaire", this photograph of Marilyn Monroe shows the...


Sammy Davis Jr leaps for Marilyn Monroe

Sammy Davis Jr is captured mid-air on the set of How to Marry a Millionaire. His energy is enhanced by the cool...


Sweetheart of the Month

This portrait of an ambitious Norma Jean was photographed by Tom Kelley in 1949. Four years later, Norma Jean had...


Lenny Kravitz

This iconic photograph of rock legend Lenny Kravitz playing his guitar is inspired by the repetitions inherent in the...



In these classical portraits of beautiful woman, Neilson shows her naturally artistic eye working in watercolour. A...



Neilson cleverly morphs Lana's hair out the drips of her watercolour brush in this elegant portrait of a young woman. A...


The Adventures of Pam Tool Time Girl

Known for his high energy and hyper real aesthetic, LaChapelle work is often classed as "kitsch pop surrealism". Here,...


Jerry Hall, Spitting, French Vogue

In this playful photograph, shot for French Vogue in 1978, Helmut Newton captures supermodel Jerry Hall teasing spiting...


Charlotte Rampling

One of Helmut Newton’s favourite sitters, the English actress Charlotte Rampling was an icon of the Swinging Sixties. A...


James Dean on the set of Giant

From a great friendship with James Dean, photographer Frank Worth was given inside access to movie sets, including the...


She's in the Money

Photographed by acclaimed fashion photographer Daniela Federici, Anna Nicole Smith posed for Playboy magazine in...


Sigourney Weaver

This portrait of a scantily clad Sigourney Weaver, shot on the Warner Bros film studios lot in California, presents...


Vivienne Anna Tom

Piotr is a pop artist, illustrator, designer and author creating mostly mixed media illustrations, paintings and...


Karlz Cat Food MIAOW

Pop artist Piotr Bator illustrates his very individual creativity and compositional style with this impressive and...


Viv and Pam

Piotr's paintings and drawings resemble his intrigue in genre art applied pretty much anywhere. Capturing a unique...


Mouse Surgery

A comical image drawn from the archives of Walt Disney, Simon gentley plays on the ideo of plastic surgery with wit and...


David Bowie

From the acclaimed “Private Property” portfolio that Newton considered to be his most provocative and important early...


David Hockney

Newton was not bothered with picturing everyday reality, but, like all great artists, wanted to provoke and stimulate a...

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