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Black & White

Gorilla Glance

A black and white portrait of a sombre looking Gorilla evokes an emotive quality as he looks directly into the camera.


Bald Headed Eagle

A stern looking Bald Headed Eagle peers directly into the camera, evoking a somewhat humourous expression.



Known as "The Man who changed the Look of British Illustration", Brian has been a full time artist since he left school...


Bull 5

Known for his use of iPad illustration in a similiar vein to David Hockney, Grimwood presents here a bull in profile,...


Bull 2

Bringing his expertise of line and form to the image of the bull, Grimwood creates an image of high enegry...


She's in the Money

Photographed by acclaimed fashion photographer Daniela Federici, Anna Nicole Smith posed for Playboy magazine in...


British Vogue 1967

Taken for a spread in 1967, ‘British Vogue, 1967’ was shot on an airfield outside of London. At the time, Newton’s...


Cyberwoman 6

Taken at the turn of the century, Helmut Newton’s ‘Cyberwoman’ 2000 series was set in everyday locations around Los...


James Dean on the set of Giant

From a great friendship with James Dean, photographer Frank Worth was given inside access to movie sets, including the...


White feathers cruising in Venice

‘White feathers cruising’ is taken in a rare location for Newton: Venice. While its romanticism was a source of great...


Truck stop

‘Truck Stop’ reflects Helmut Newton’s early years as a truck driver in the Australian army. It is one of few rare...



Taken on a beach in St Tropez, ‘Surprise’ encapsulates the conception of femininity that Helmut Newton sought to...


Model checking brake lining

In ‘Model checking brake lining’, Helmut Newton harnesses the seductive power of the American car. Newton inverts the...


Babes in rowboat

Helmut Newton’s ‘Babes in a Rowboat’ upends the Impressionist tradition of civilised boating to create a playful,...


Winnie on Deck

Newton loved the romanticism of the water and spent much of his career in Monte Carlo. ‘Winnie on Deck', also known as...


Japanese repose iv

Inspired by a set of 1920's Japanese transparencies that Mitchell found whilst at a photography studio in Japan,...


Japanese repose iii

Mastering the art of life drawing, Mitchell's portrait of a Japanese girl lying down displays an excellent...


Japanese repose ii

This stunning life drawing of a beautiful Japanese lady is fashioned out an expert manifulation of shadow to create...


Japanese repose i

Elegant, serene, and beautifully drawn, Mitchell visually encapsulates the aesthetic of the East. The model is bathed...


Mannequin being tossed off roof

Taking cue from the Surrealists, Helmut Newton often used mannequins to create work that played with our notions of...


Elsa Peretti in bunny costume

Perhaps Newton’s most iconic work that followed on from the work he did for Playboy, ‘Elsa Peretti in Bunny Costume’ is...


Beach exercise

‘Beach Exercise’ (1975) is one of the iconic images from Helmut Newton’s career. Taken on a Miami beach in the mid-day...


Charlotte Rampling

One of Helmut Newton’s favourite sitters, the English actress Charlotte Rampling was an icon of the Swinging Sixties. A...


Jerry Hall, Spitting, French Vogue

In this playful photograph, shot for French Vogue in 1978, Helmut Newton captures supermodel Jerry Hall teasing spiting...