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Black & White

Marilyn Monroe

Taken on the set of the 1953 romantic comedy "How to Marry a Millionaire", this photograph of Marilyn Monroe shows the...


Elizabeth Taylor classic portrait on set of Giant

This photograph shows the iconic film star Elizabeth Taylor striking a pose between takes on the set of 1956 film...


James Dean Seated Behind Fence Set of Giant

From a great friendship with James Dean, photographer Frank Worth was given inside access to movie sets, including the...


Frank Sinatra Standing Next To Tbird

Frank Sinatra stands next to his brand new Ford Thunderbird in September 1955 just before the release of The Man with...


Diana Vishnyeva II

A beautiful portrait of Diana Vishnyeva, principal dancer with both the Mariinsky Ballet (formerly the Kirov Ballet)...



Another seminal photograph of an iconic musical giant, this photograph of Prince captures him in the tradition of the...


Diane Kruger

This elegant portrait of Diane Kruger counterposes her against the blurred and poised Rodin-esque sculpture standing...


Striped Nude

Federici displays her artful mastery of form and tone to create an abstract of the female nude using the shadows of a...


Celine Dion

This glamourous shot of the singer, Celine Dion, posing thrugh the archway of a door captures the moment she walks out...



Shot from a quirky perspective, Jan Zwart captures the shadows and outlines of the passers-by as they cross the floor...


Cindy Crawford

Perhaps one of Federici's most iconic celebrity portraits of the famous Cindy Crawford, the 1980's supermodel is cast...


Seas of Red

The major art installation Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red at the Tower of London marked one hundred years since...


341 to Waterloo

This shot was taken from a tourist boat on the Thames. The texture of the concrete arches contrasts with that of the...



An iconic photograph of a man dancing in the rain, Russell rushes back to the 50's. Evoking Gene Kelly's 1952 film...


Chrysler Building

Using a grainy printing technique, Russel transports us back in time back to the New York of Prohibition and Louis...


Three Giraffes

Giraffes in Jongamero Ruaha National Park, Tanzania


Apache Stack Army Air Corps

A sight guaranteed to put the fear of God into the Taliban, but fortunately for them, these three RAF Apache Attack...


A Family Walk

An elephant family out for a stroll in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania.


Cut Portret

This intriguing portrait of an old man, spliced up, draws from the aesthetics of Cubism. Seeing the portrait from...



A professional photographer since 1986 and winner of 4 Gold Medals at the prestigious PANL Kodak awards, Jan has been a...


Suspension Chain

This beautiful shot of Bristol Suspension Chain has a sense of mystery as it disappears into fog. The faint outline of...


Giant Buddha

This photograph of a thirty four metere tall Tian Tan Buddha at the foot of Lantau Peak is situated on Lantau Island to...



A classical view to the Grand Canal in Venice through the columns of the Doge's Palace in the Piazza San Marco, Roots...


Chinstrap Penguins

Taken on Saunders Island in the Falkland Islands, Darwin captures what seems to be an epic summit attempt by a set of...