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Black & White


Rebirth' is a mediative shot that allows you to focus on a single point. The photo is of the cable-stayed Tempozan road...


Banana Sky

A moody image by Yoshihiko of the Banana Republic store on Grant Avenue, San Francisco, with Nob Hill in the...


Lenny Kravitz

This iconic photograph of rock legend Lenny Kravitz playing his guitar is inspired by the repetitions inherent in the...


Miles Davis

An iconic shot of Miles Davis, the most influential jazz musician of the modern age, playing at full blast. At the...


Empire State Building

A classic image of one of the most recognisable buildings in the world, New York's Empire State. For over 40 years, it...


Different Kind

Many of the world's foremost photographers have taken the subject of the skyline as seen from below. Usually this...


Souls of the castle

This exotic image of Eastern culture transports us to a idyllic and peacful environment. Looking up, we see the ornate...



Terry Fincher is renowned for his war photography, having covered, among others, the Suez crisis, five tours in Vietnam...


St Petersburg

This surreal shot of St Petersburg carpeted in snow transports the city back to a historic era. A low mist shrouds the...


NY Lights

Best known as a chronicler of the good life, photographing the rich upper class at their palazzos in Europe or their...



Inspired by the macro-photographs of Andreas Gursky, Russell attempts the capture the vast scale of the Manhattan...


Eartha Kitt

Michael Ochs is "America's pre-eminent rock n' roll archivist" (LA Times), compiling a collection of over 3 million...


Avenue Of The Baobabs

A group of herdsmen drive their cattle through Baobab Avenue, somewhere in Madagascar.


ying yang

Taking inspiration form the Surrealists, Matthias Hakker deconstructs the perspective of the staircase, freeing it to...



Interested in architecture and its form, Haker points his camera to the ceiling to present a flattened, almost abstract...



Part of Haker's martime series focusing on life in the Mediterranean, this photograph of mooring posts looks out to a...



In 'Rough', Haker masters the technique of long-exposure to juxtaposes the jagged rocks against the soft fog of the...


Vintage yacht Mariette

This forty-two metre classic twin-masted schooner, Mariette, was originally built by Herreshoff in the USA in 1915. A...


The Cormorant

Hidden within a gaggle of geese stands a Cormorant ontop a fig. It's long neck and facial features give it a...


Ghosts Over The Rhone River

In 'Ghosts over the River Rhone', Pion has captured the beauty and mystery of the morning fog. Resembling more a...


Saddle II

Newton shot this now seminal work after noticing the display cases in the Faubourg Saint-Honoré windows of Hermès....


Woman adjusting stockings

In ‘Tomb of Talma’, Helmut Newton’s infatuation with the surrealist photography of 1930’s Paris comes to the fore....


Upstairs at Maxim's

‘Upstairs at Maxim’s’ (1978) indulges in one of Newton’s most famous motifs- the mannequin. Set in a famous French...


Rue Aubriot

In this iconic shot entitled ‘Rue Aubriot’, actress Vibeke Knudsen stands alone in a lamp lit Parisian street. Styled...