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ying yang

Taking inspiration form the Surrealists, Matthias Hakker deconstructs the perspective of the staircase, freeing it to...



Interested in architecture and its form, Haker points his camera to the ceiling to present a flattened, almost abstract...



In this photograh, Haker takes up a universally loved genre- the perspective down the staircase. This glamourous...


let there be light

This cavernous photograph by Matthias Hakker of art nouveau architecture mixes monochrome with flashes of yellow....


Unity Central Lobby

An abstract and layered photograph taken at the Palace of Westminster, Gerlikaite merges different scales (both big and...



This beautiful shot of Bristol Suspension Bridge evokes a sense of mystery as it disappears into fog. Evoking the...


Suspension Chain

This beautiful shot of Bristol Suspension Chain has a sense of mystery as it disappears into fog. The faint outline of...



A classical view to the Grand Canal in Venice through the columns of the Doge's Palace in the Piazza San Marco, Roots...



This photograph of London's House of Parliament is shrouded in a rich fog that recalls early twentieth century...


New York Skyscrapers 3

Many of the world's greatest photographers have turned their hand to the New York skyline as seen from below. Keiditsch...



Matthias is a self taught photographer who specialises in shooting abandoned buildings, but just don't ask him where...

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