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London sunrise 4

From Howard Kingsnorth's extensive body of atmospheric photographs of London, is inspired by Turner. this is no. 4 from...


The Shard

The Shard, Europe's tallest building, was officially opened with a laser show in central London in July 2012. Here...


London City looking south

Looking South from Broadgate Tower, Howard has accentuated the glass, concrete and steel that is the City of London. ...


Liverpool Street Station

Mot of us will have experienced London railway stations at some point. Many of us travel through them daily. In either...


Spring sunrise over City of London

Shot in April 2012 at sunrise from a helicopter, Howard has captured the sun rising over London from yet another...


London sunrise 3

No. 2 from his stunning sunrise series, this shot was taken from a helicopter in Aril 2012. The resulting, almost...


Millenium Wheel at Sunrise

Only possible with special permission, Howard shot this from from a helicopter over the Palace of Westminster at...


Millenium Dome & Canary Wharf

Another stunning aerial shot of London from Howard Kingsnorth. Shot in 2013, from a helicopter flying at 800ft, the...


London sunrise 2

From Howard Kingsnorth's extensive body of atmospheric photographs of London, this is no. 2 from his stunning sunrise...


test Keyhole

Matthias is a self taught photographer who specialises in shooting abandoned buildings, but just don't ask him where...


Forgotten For

Whilst travelling through Madhya Pradesh in India, following the trail of Mark Shand, the conservationist who wrote...


City Hell 1

This jam-packed, chock a block illustration, filled with planes, cars, building and people, sums up the life of an...


City Hell

Cars pile themselves up on each other as planes block out the sky, welcome to the urban metropolis, a 'City Hell' in...



Blanketed in untouched snow, this soft and idyllic shot of mountainous life sees a church rise well above the clouds....


light and shadow

Haker's photograph of the inside of an abandoned Italian palazzo presents a romantic image of a world that once was....


dreaming of summer

In this photograph, Haker actively engages with the nature slowly creeping its way into the building. Shot through...


waiting in silence

Haker's stunningly serene shot of a derelict Church is compelling in its undying majesty. He has achieved a beautiful...


the long way up

Part of Haker's exploration of the world's staircases, here he turns to a view through an abandoned Victorian stairwell...


round and round

Symmetrical, neat and ordered, Haker manipulates the composition of the photograph to almost decieve the viewer of the...


piano mansion

The theme of music and derelicition is a subject matter Haker has explored in depth during his career, bring to the...


leaving the past

Masterfully controlling the depth of field between the abstract and abandoned foreground and stunningly intact...


grandeur in decay

Haker masterfully manipulates the texture and colours of this abandoned grand palace to give it the feeling of a...


forgotten decadence

In 'Forgotten Decadence' , Hakker uncovers an abandoned world of palatial beauty. Rich stucco ceilings, lost frescos,...

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