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Animal World

Staring Pelicans

Pelicans standing to attentions and all looking the same direction, ZSL, London, UK.


Snow Leopard

A black and white portrait of a Snow Leopard (panthera unica) at Marwell Zoo, Hampshire, UK. Native of Central and...


Sleeping Swan

A stunning photo of a peacefully sleeping swan on the river.


Regal Lion

Is there anything more majestic and imposing than a protrait of a male lion (panthera leo)?.


I'm Watching You

The mesmerising fixed stare of cat's eyes.


Great Grey Owl

A Great Grey Owl in flight, Hampshire, UK.


Raquel Welch Beverly Hills

Raquel Welch made her mark in movies as the strong female character rather than the submissive female lead typical in...


Lady of Londolozi

Inspired by the immense power and absolute tranquility of the leopard in her environment.


Morning Deer-Small

This is a prime example of Dalgliesh being in the right place at the right time observing the morning deer in Richmond...


Morning Deer

This is a prime example of Dalgliesh being in the right place at the right time observing the morning deer in Richmond...


Snow Leopard

A majestic black and white portrait of a rare Snow Leopard.


Batleur Eagle

A fierce looking Batleur Eagle stares into the lens with intensity.


Gorilla Glance

A black and white portrait of a sombre looking Gorilla evokes an emotive quality as he looks directly into the camera.


Bald Headed Eagle

A stern looking Bald Headed Eagle peers directly into the camera, evoking a somewhat humourous expression.


Bull 5

Known for his use of iPad illustration in a similiar vein to David Hockney, Grimwood presents here a bull in profile,...


Bull 2

Bringing his expertise of line and form to the image of the bull, Grimwood creates an image of high enegry...


The Pigs

I became aware of the police being called “Pigs” during the 1960s in America, relating to the Anti-Vietnam War...


I spy with my little eye

As John Thorton recounts, "This was shot in Freddy Bannister's house in Knightsbridge. Freddy was the promoter who set...


Washing Line 03

In the words of Lieberman, "Washing Line is quite simply saying we are hanging the sea out to dry, with the same...


Journal de Mer 01

Journal de Mer' is part of a sequence of works which are based on the five continents, this one is Africa. Its a public...



Almost unrecognisable as a goldfish, this image of the household fish is highly abstracted in its unsual perspective...


The Cormorant

Hidden within a gaggle of geese stands a Cormorant ontop a fig. It's long neck and facial features give it a...


Three Giraffes

Giraffes in Jongamero Ruaha National Park, Tanzania

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