There are occasions where a truly great piece of art becomes available to ONGallery and to bring it to you, we bend our general rules.  This is where for example, by reasons of existing contracts, changing circumstances, ownership of rights or just the passage of time, the art in question cannot become an exclusive limited edition. It may not be possible for the artwork to be offered to you in the quantities, sizes or presentations we would ideally prefer.

So we bend our rules and include it in our collection. We label it ‘Premium’ and make it really clear why it is priced the way it is, and to what extent it is exclusive and/or limited by number. But our curation team out-vote our accountants when it comes to assembling collections and, if there’s a piece that should be in by merit of its quality or visual impact, the curators will put it in.

We hope you like these pieces and share our curators’ passion when it comes to enjoying them.