With Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist


A true limited edition print in the art world is harder to come by than it might first appear. There are true authentic limited editions and there are the other type. But how do you know that what you are buying is authentic and not something of little or no value?

Unfortunately, eBay is rife with listings from unscrupulous sellers boasting that they have obtained a limited edition run of an image, signed by the artist and for sale at an incredibly low price. The perpetrators are careful with their descriptions, often noting that the item listed is “hand-signed”, which it is, but by the hand of the seller, not the artist.

At the other end of the scale are the upmarket gallery limited editions, which regularly sell for prices in the thousands. These limited editions usually number under a dozen and purchasers can be assured that the work is genuine thanks to the contact with the gallery and sometimes the artist themselves, but what they can’t be assured of is their investment. There is no guarantee that a print will increase in value, even if it was one of only five in the world and cost the buyer £10,000.


With an ONGallery limited edition, you can be assured that you are buying an authentic true limited edition of some of the world’s most beautiful images. The edition size is larger than an expensive gallery edition, which allows us to sell the print at a more affordable price, thus ensuring everyone has the opportunity to own an authentic beautiful piece of art, whilst still ensuring the artist receives a fair price for his or her work. And, as added comfort to the buyer, all ONGallery editions come with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the artist or the artist’s estate, thus ensuring its provenance.