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Premium Collection

At ONGallery, it is our intention to bring you amazing art at affordable prices, but every now and then, we come across an amazing picture that is just too special to ignore. It is often the case that these special pictures will carry a premium price, either owing to the provenance of the picture, the renown of the artist, or the size of the edition that the artist has produced, and it is for this reason that we have created The Premium Collection. Yes, the picture is a bit more expensive, but it is also a bit more special.

Pirellis hot dates

The great Bert Stern shot the famous Pirelli calendar in 1986, later published by Playboy magazine. This photo forms...


She is Ursula Andress I

A 1965 portrait of Ursula Andress taken by her then husband, John Derek, for Playboy magazine.


Salvador Dali I

Salvador Dali collaborated with Pompeo Posar for this 1974 photoshoot for Playboy magazine, set in the garden of his...


Salvador Dali II

Who new that Salvador Dali styled this photoshoot for Playboy magazine? The famous Surrealist worked in collaboration...


The Party

The dark, almost mathematical precision of this New York skyline is juxaposed against a small scene of hedonistic...


Sweetheart of the Month

This portrait of an ambitious Norma Jean was photographed by Tom Kelley in 1949. Four years later, Norma Jean had...


300 Voyeurs

As John Thorton recounts, "In the 1970's I was considered the most popular photographer in Spain. I was asked to do a...


Terror of the Broken Mirrors

The late Guy Bourdin was a protege of Man Ray, and he heavily influenced many of Thorton's photographs. In the words of...


Bad Taste

As John Thorton recounts, 'This all revolved around Richard Sharah who was 'a make-up artists' in the real sense of the...


The Pigs

As John Thorton recounts, 'I became aware of the police being called 'Pigs' during the 1960s in America, relating to...


About Face

As John Thorton recounts, "This image is of Regina Cheng. I did my original drawing many years before. I always do...


Chez Patou

Shot for French Vogue in 1977, ‘Chez Patou’ is a dramatic take on the atelier model. Laced with attitude and...


Woman being filmed

In ‘Woman being filmed’ Newton combines two of his favourite themes: the voyeuristic gaze and empowered, nonchalant...


Vivianne F., Hotel Volney Model in bra and stockings on bed

Helmut Newton was a master storyteller who consistently built photographic narrative using subtle detailing and...


Woman into Man

Helmut Newton and David Bowie were close friends through the 80’s working together on many portraits of both David...


Winnie at the Negresco

There is perhaps no better image to exemplify the profound affect the iconic Hungarian photographer, Brassai had on the...


Model in fur with bear

In ‘Model in fur with Bear’, Newton is at his confrontational best, provocatively placing a bear next to a model...


Blond on blond

Shot for Vogue, ‘Blonde on Blonde’ features clothing by Yves Saint Laurent, whose career Helmut Newton is largely...


Hollywood 1976 (Cadillac in garage)

In ‘Hollywood 1976 Cadillac in Garage’, Newton plays on the idea of parking multiple cars in your garage. Channelling...


16th Arrondissement

In ‘16th Arrondissement’ (1975), Newton subtly plays on the relationship between lady and maid. A forcefully placed...


Jerry Hall, Spitting, French Vogue

In this playful photograph, shot for French Vogue in 1978, Helmut Newton captures supermodel Jerry Hall teasing spiting...


Charlotte Rampling

One of Helmut Newton’s favourite sitters, the English actress Charlotte Rampling was an icon of the Swinging Sixties. A...


Beach exercise

‘Beach Exercise’ (1975) is one of the iconic images from Helmut Newton’s career. Taken on a Miami beach in the mid-day...


Elsa Peretti in bunny costume

Perhaps Newton’s most iconic work that followed on from the work he did for Playboy, ‘Elsa Peretti in Bunny Costume’ is...

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