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Bespoke Collection

The Bespoke Art Collection is a unique collaboration between Bespoke Hotels, and ONGallery. The Collection brings together 100 limited edition photographic and fine art prints from some of the world's most well-known artists and photographers. Due to ONGallery's unique agreements with the artists, the collection is made up of limited editions of up to 300 prints, which means that the artworks can be sold at affordable prices. This unique collection includes work by Salvador Dali, Helmut Newton and Barry Lategan, as well as a host of rising stars of the art world. Each artwork comes with a signed certificate of authenticity and is beautifully hand-framed and mounted in the UK.

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Inspired by the macro-photographs of Andreas Gursky, Russell attempts the capture the vast scale of the Manhattan...


Silence in my mind

Mo Tuncay is a self-taught abstract artist whose work is influenced by the likes of Willem de Kooning and Richard...


Eartha Kitt

Michael Ochs is "America's pre-eminent rock n' roll archivist" (LA Times), compiling a collection of over 3 million...


Avenue Of The Baobabs

A group of herdsmen drive their cattle through Baobab Avenue, somewhere in Madagascar.


ying yang

Taking inspiration form the Surrealists, Matthias Hakker deconstructs the perspective of the staircase, freeing it to...



Interested in architecture and its form, Haker points his camera to the ceiling to present a flattened, almost abstract...



In this photograh, Haker takes up a universally loved genre- the perspective down the staircase. This glamourous...



Part of Haker's martime series focusing on life in the Mediterranean, this photograph of mooring posts looks out to a...


let there be light

This cavernous photograph by Matthias Hakker of art nouveau architecture mixes monochrome with flashes of yellow....


grand piano

Juxtaposing the grandness of the piano with the derelict environment around it, this musical image hints at memories of...



In 'Rough', Haker masters the technique of long-exposure to juxtaposes the jagged rocks against the soft fog of the...



Almost unrecognisable as a goldfish, this image of the household fish is highly abstracted in its unsual perspective...


Vintage yacht Mariette

This forty-two metre classic twin-masted schooner, Mariette, was originally built by Herreshoff in the USA in 1915. A...


Hang glider over Beachy Head

An historic picture taken by legendary sports photographer (and hang glider) Leo Mason, flying over Beachy Head,...


Unity Central Lobby

An abstract and layered photograph taken at the Palace of Westminster, Gerlikaite merges different scales (both big and...


Meditation VII

A meditation on light giving life, this image shows the hand of radical digital remastering to present an abstracted...


She is Ursula Andress I

A 1965 portrait of Ursula Andress taken by her then husband, John Derek, for Playboy magazine.


Mille Miglia

Jens is an award winning photographer whose work has been sold in major art auctions, featured in worldwide...


Morning Rose

A delicate photograph of a rain drenched rose.


Pic du Midi

An ethereal ariel shot from the misty peaks above Pic du Midi ski observatory cable in the French Pyranees.


Horseshoe Bend

Another exquisite image by Dalgliesh depicting a horseshoe bend in the Grand Canyon, Arizona USA.


Antelope Canyon, AZ

Dalgliesh's magnificent photograph depicts Antelope Canyon, which is a slot canyon carved out by the same waters that...


The Cormorant

Hidden within a gaggle of geese stands a Cormorant ontop a fig. It's long neck and facial features give it a...


Ghosts Over The Rhone River

In 'Ghosts over the River Rhone', Pion has captured the beauty and mystery of the morning fog. Resembling more a...