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Hotel Gotham-Small
Stephen Millership

Hotel Gotham-SmallHotel Gotham-Small

Hotel Gotham-Small
Stephen Millership

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One of Manchester's landmark hotels, 'Gotham' has recently been launched in an iconic former bank building. Inspired by the Roaring Twenties, the hotel was named after New York's fictional alter ego- Gotham, made famous from the Batman blockbusters. Millership is interested in illustrating the monuments, such as this bank that are in need of visual preservation, wither from redevelopment or demolishion. Illustrated in the style of the 1920's posters, Millership transports the viewer back in time, complete with a vintage car and lady in an period red dress.

Stephen Millership

I grew up in an industrial part of England within walking distance of beautiful countryside, moving to Manchester to study Graphic Design in my teens. Over the years I have worked in graphic design and computer games and became a founding member of a successful computer games company in Cheshire. More recently I have returned to illustration.

My prints have been exhibited in Museums, Hotels and exhibitions around the country. The style of my art draws on the interest I have for the classic travel posters of the 1930’s and the optimism for the future portrayed in many of these vintage works. Subjects I have illustrated stretch from Tudor halls and rolling countryside to the conzrete Brutalism of the 1970’s. I think this wide range is a reflection of growing up with heavy industry and being surrounded by rural Derbyshire. I aim to make the unattractive, attractive, to give a greater appreciation of loved and some not so loved subjects.

Research is the key for me, and I see the illustration process as a journey to a greater understanding of my subject. If I come away from a finished commission knowing more than I did before I started, then I am happy.

Stephen Millership