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Different Kind-Small
Yoshihiko Wada

Different Kind-SmallDifferent Kind-Small

Different Kind-Small
Yoshihiko Wada

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Many of the world's foremost photographers have taken the subject of the skyline as seen from below. Usually this focuses on the skyscrapers of New York, not the towers of the East. Pointing his camera upwards, Wada shoots the relationship of a circular tower to square skyscrapers. Their interplay and the resultant negative space gives away to an almost abstract artwork.

Yoshihiko Wada

I am a professional photographer and sound designer who has been working in Japanese video game industry for over two decades. If you are a fan of computer games, it is likely that you may have played one of the games for which I created sounds.

Creating sounds and images are very similar to me. As a sound designer it would be a sound, as a photographer it would be an image. The most important thing for the both is “harmony”. The only difference between the two is “waves or pixels”. Right now I am heavily focusing on BW fine art style photos. However colour photos, especially landscapes, are very important genre for me.

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater, you know?