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Bespoke Collection

The Bespoke Art Collection is a unique collaboration between Bespoke Hotels, and ONGallery. The Collection brings together 100 limited edition photographic and fine art prints from some of the world's most well-known artists and photographers. Due to ONGallery's unique agreements with the artists, the collection is made up of limited editions of up to 300 prints, which means that the artworks can be sold at affordable prices. This unique collection includes work by Salvador Dali, Helmut Newton and Barry Lategan, as well as a host of rising stars of the art world. Each artwork comes with a signed certificate of authenticity and is beautifully hand-framed and mounted in the UK.

Choose a theme, browse the collection and purchase your artwork online here.

Miles Davis

An iconic shot of Miles Davis, the most influential jazz musician of the modern age, playing at full blast. At the...


Empire State Building

A classic image of one of the most recognisable buildings in the world, New York's Empire State. For over 40 years, it...


Different Kind

Many of the world's foremost photographers have taken the subject of the skyline as seen from below. Usually this...


Souls of the castle

This exotic image of Eastern culture transports us to a idyllic and peacful environment. Looking up, we see the ornate...


Sweetheart of the Month

This portrait of an ambitious Norma Jean was photographed by Tom Kelley in 1949. Four years later, Norma Jean had...


The Party

The dark, almost mathematical precision of this New York skyline is juxaposed against a small scene of hedonistic...


Westside Highway

Titled 'Westside highway' after the famous New York motorway, this work doesn't aim to provide us with a photographic...


Golden Thames

A photographic equivalent of a Turner or Twombly, this image of London's nightlights reflecting off the Thames has...



Terry Fincher is renowned for his war photography, having covered, among others, the Suez crisis, five tours in Vietnam...


St Petersburg

This surreal shot of St Petersburg carpeted in snow transports the city back to a historic era. A low mist shrouds the...


Chop House

This stunning illustration of one of Manchester's best loved buildings, the Chop House, is part of a project...


Central Library

Millership grew up in the industrial landscape of northern England and is determined to preserve its iconic buildings...


Express Building

Growing up in northern England, Millership's illustrative project aims to record the iconic buildings the form the...



Stephen is inspired by the great travel poster artists of the 1930s and 40s, and was specially commissioned to produce...



An elegant, graphic image of columns rising up to support two large bridges, Millership's illustration is takes the...


Hotel Gotham

One of Manchester's landmark hotels, 'Gotham' has recently been launched in an iconic former bank building. Inspired by...


NY Lights

Best known as a chronicler of the good life, photographing the rich upper class at their palazzos in Europe or their...


Maske 5

In this photograph, Nicolson takes the subject of the half-length portrait of a young African girl. Standing as if her...


Edges 6

A riot of pinks, purples and blues come together in this enigmatic portrayal of a semi-abstracted flower. In close-up,...


Edges 4

Sparking the oppositional primary colours together, yellow and blue, Nicolson creates a chromatic feast for the eyes....


The Moon

This extraordinary shot of the Moon almost transports the viewer to its surface. Resplendent in all its detail, the...


Star Circle

This unique image is baffling to first view, Saito has captured the orbit of the earth as depicted by the stars. The...


Salvador Dali II

Who new that Salvador Dali styled this photoshoot for Playboy magazine? The famous Surrealist worked in collaboration...


Salvador Dali I

Salvador Dali collaborated with Pompeo Posar for this 1974 photoshoot for Playboy magazine, set in the garden of his...

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