Bespoke Collection

The Bespoke Art Collection is a unique collaboration between Bespoke Hotels, and ONGallery. The Collection brings together 100 limited edition photographic and fine art prints from some of the world's most well-known artists and photographers. Due to ONGallery's unique agreements with the artists, the collection is made up of limited editions of up to 300 prints, which means that the artworks can be sold at affordable prices. This unique collection includes work by Salvador Dali, Helmut Newton and Barry Lategan, as well as a host of rising stars of the art world. Each artwork comes with a signed certificate of authenticity and is beautifully hand-framed and mounted in the UK.

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Stephen Millership - Chop House
Stephen Millership
Chop House
Erik Brede - The Bridge
Erik Brede
The Bridge
Jasper Dalgliesh - Antelope Canyon
Jasper Dalgliesh
Antelope Canyon, AZ
Tim Hall - Westside Highway
Tim Hall
Westside Highway
Jasper Dalgliesh - Horseshoe Bend
Jasper Dalgliesh
Horseshoe Bend
Saito Shumon - Star Circle
Shumon Saito
Star Circle
Saito Shumon - The Moon
Shumon Saito
The Moon
Jasper Dalgliesh - Priory House
Jasper Dalgliesh
Morning Rose
Sanders Nicolson
Edges 4
Yoshihiko Wada - Souls Of The Castle
Yoshihiko Wada
Souls of the castle
Jens Lucking - Mille Miglia
Jens Lucking
Mille Miglia
Matthias Haker
Sanders Nicolson
Edges 6
Yoshihiko Wada - Different Kind
Yoshihiko Wada
Different Kind
Leo Mason - Bugatti Type 51
Leo Mason
Bugatti Type 51
Matthias Haker - Grand Piano
Matthias Haker
grand piano
Sanders Nicolson
Maske 5