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The Value of a True Limited Edition Print

A true limited edition print in the art world is harder to come by than it might first appear. Many art buyers are new to the market and will perhaps only make a purchase every few years; it’s a very rare handful who can afford the luxury of buying regularly and building up the expertise this brings.

So how do new buyers know that the money they’re investing in art is justified? How can they be reassured that they’re buying a true limited edition print and not paying over the odds for something with little to no value?


Negotiating a Good Buy in a Dishonest Market

Unfortunately, too many people take advantage of the inaccessible nature of the art world.  Ebay is rife with listings from sellers boasting that they have obtained a limited edition run of an image, signed by the artist themselves and for sale at an incredibly low price. The perpetrators are careful with their descriptions, often noting that the item listed is “hand-signed”, which it is, but by the hand of the seller, not the artist.

Sellers can print batches of these images after finding the picture online, sign the prints, pop them up for sale on auction sites and sit back and make a tidy and dishonest profit at the buyers’ expense.

Buying Limited Editions from an Art Gallery

At the other end of the scale are the gallery limited editions, which regularly sell for prices in the tens of thousands. These limited editions usually number under a dozen and investors making these purchasers can be assured that the work is genuine thanks to the contact with the gallery and sometimes the artist themselves.

What they can’t be assured of is their investment. Art is an unpredictable market, with popular artists and prints changing with the fashions. There is no guarantee that a print will increase in value, even if it was one of only five in the world and cost the buyer £10,000.

The individuals operating at this end of the market,   either have the money to buy expensive art for the sheer love of the image and price is no matter to their wallet – or they are professionals with a real understanding of the art world. But even these people are making only an educated guess with their investment.

The time needed to research the art world to this level is akin to a full-time job and the ever-changing nature of the market makes it a constant effort. And yet many people want to purchase true limited edition prints without risking their fortunes in doing so.

Low Risk Genuine Limited Edition Fine Art

ONGallery is providing a new way to access limited edition fine art photography which reduces the financial risk to buyers and offers a guarantee that what they’re buying is a genuine limited edition.  This isn’t the inaccessible world of high price galleries and it’s a million miles away from the faux bargain ‘limited editions’. These are true limited editions of some of the world’s most beautiful images.

Through years of building careful connections with world renowned artists and industry experts, the company is able to offer limited edition prints for sale for prices in the hundreds, rather than the thousands.

This is done by increasing the limited edition print runs of the image so that the number are in the low hundreds rather than dozens. By doing so, the artist still receives the money he or she deserves for their work but the market is no longer restricted and more buyers have the option of entering the market.

To reassure art buyers that their investment is the real deal, without demanding that they put tens of thousands on the line, fine art prints are sold with a Certificate of Authenticity. Usually something found in the most expensive of galleries, ONGallery’s Certificate of Authenticity is proof of the value of the buyer’s investment. It lists the size of the limited edition, the print number of this individual item, the title of the work, and the artist’s name and their signature (or in the case where the print has been acquired through the estate of the artist, it may feature the signature of the artist’s representative or agent).

The shift in approach is a change in the art world which is already making waves. Peter Neilson, founder and CEO of ONGallery, remarked: “We know how much limited editions matter in the art world, they are a hugely important part of the photograph’s value. But until recently, buyers were faced with an uncomfortable choice between the high prices of the galleries where art works came with guarantees of their authenticity, but prices were sky high; and affordable but unscrupulous online sellers, who offered far too many ‘too good to be true’ deals.

“ONGallery represents a genuine alternative to these two markets and it’s been a delight to see the positive reaction from buyers taking ownership of some of their favourite works.”

How Much Should I Pay for Art?


In a market where billions change hands every year, the top end of the art world revolves around competition and business as much as it does the beauty and quality of the art.

At the other end of the scale lies art producers like Ikea and high street outlets where prints can be found easily for under the £100 mark. The difference here is that these images are being produced on a huge scale with a primary goal of appealing to the widest audience possible.

While this work still involves the time and skill of an original artist or photographer, it often lacks the personal touch of an image the buyer might find in a gallery. Artists operating on the smaller scale with the focus of selling just a handful of prints through their connections with galleries keep the focus on creating something that conveys an emotion or insight – a statement beyond that of the generic low end market focus of finding something with a colour scheme that matches the new sofa.

Time and Money

The issue with art sold through galleries is that it remains expensive for many people. It might not be in the millions but it can be in the tens of thousands. In addition to the money required, the time it can take to find the right image and negotiate the sale is also prohibitive for many buyers who would otherwise treasure such a unique and considered piece of art.

ONGallery is positioned to solve this problem and break down these barriers. By working with connections built up through decades of experience in the art world, the company’s founding team has been able to deliver stunning works of art and photography at a fraction of the price of that found in an art gallery.

This is possible because we sell larger editions. An artist who might sell between five and ten prints in a gallery will offer an edition of between 75 and 350 on a specific print sold only through ONGallery.

Exclusive Art Prints

Over 90 per cent of our prints are exclusive to us, you simply can’t find many of these beautiful images elsewhere. The selection of art on offer has been curated by an experienced team so that you’re only choosing from truly worthwhile items, such as Leo Mason’s incredible shots of Ayrton Senna taken from a specially designed rig during his F1 race, or the visually stunning Antelope Canyon by Jasper Dalgliesh.

Once you’ve selected the perfect print, be it for yourself or as a gift, our UK workshops will frame and finish your artwork to order with a range of different stylish options to ensure that the piece that is delivered to you is exactly what you’re looking for.

Our goal is to ensure that more people are able to access truly beautiful pieces of art. We believe you don’t need to pay the earth for great art and we’re striving to build our connections and share our knowledge to ensure that our clients can continue to access exceptional quality pieces at an affordable price.

Take a look at our wonderful bespoke collection and select from a range of themed categories, from the abstract to the glitz and glamour of celebrity influenced prints.