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Yong Lin Tan

Rushing Home 2

This photograph of a man chasing a bus on a rainy day is a powerful image in which Lin sums up the idea of 'never...


Rushing Home

In the words of Lin, "What's more important than family? No matter rain, sunny or any harsh weather, a promise is a...


Rain Dance

In 'Rain Dance', an old man is cycling the long journey home between the paddy fields, while a rainstorm is brewing up...


Pak Abu and his nets

A stunning image of the river Alor Setar in Malaysia, Lin captures the expansive sense of water and the majestic power...


Concrete Jungle

Titled 'Concrete Jungle', Lin remarks on the vunerablity of the natural enviroment in Penang. The fishing village...


Batu Caves Boy

In this stunningly composed shot of a boy is working in a steel and glass manufacture shop in Batu Caves, Malaysia, Lin...


Back Alley

This is the back alley of Yong Lin's grandmother's house in Alor Setar, Kedah. The stunning colours, unblemished starry...