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Stuart Hamilton

Stuart Hamilton

Stuart Hamilton shoots passion.

From the cinematic to the intensely personal, his images reflect an unflinching dedication to his art.

Born in Scotland and based in London, Stuart travels the world, shooting for many of the leading advertising agencies in Europe and the USA. He has judged international advertising awards and he himself has been behind the lens of some of the most successful international campaigns, winning accolades from D&AD, Kodak and being featured in Communication Arts Photography Annual for an unprecedented six years in succession.

Stuart is known as much for his professionalism as for his artist’s sensibility. No detail escapes him. No vision goes unrealized. Every shot is treated as a chance to create something unique.

Wild Waves

This stunning photo of a riotous, tempestuous sea, with foreboding clouds hanging over it, captures the sea at its most...



Juxtaposing the humble richshaw against the coporate 'majesty' of the skyscraper and skyline behind it, this photograph...



Focusing on the jagged silhouettes on the mountains, Hamilton shows us what looks like an almost prehistoric landscape,...



Blanketed in untouched snow, this soft and idyllic shot of mountainous life sees a church rise well above the clouds....


Beach Brolly

This high style monchrome photo of a beach canopy looking out to the sea captures a moment everyone dreams for when...


St Petersburg

This surreal shot of St Petersburg carpeted in snow transports the city back to a historic era. A low mist shrouds the...