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Paul Slater

After graduating from the RCA, Paul's work quickly became a staple of British newspapers and magazines before breaking into the broader spheres of advertising with clients such as Volkswagen, British Airways and Shell. His uniquely eccentric view of British quirkiness is unrivalled in its wit and weirdness, leading the Independent on Sunday to list him among the UK's 10 leading illustrators.

The Sons of Borias

This enigmatic yet fun painting of two young boys playing with a model plane brings to mind the escapades of the Wright...


Himtottle Le Chat

This quizzical portrait of a man dressed in a top hat and white mask suggests that there is a narrative to this...


Danny Boy

Danny Boy' is entitled after the Irish anthem 'Oh Danny Boy'. Painted with a green shirt, this young school sees him...


Washing Machine

This comically styled nude portrait of a woman flipping pancakes over a washing machine highlights Paul's wry and...


Self Portrait

In the style of the Pre-Raphaelites or the Euston Road School, this clever self-portrait is a portrait of a...