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Jens Lucking

Jens Lucking

Growing up in rural Germany, Lucking was given a $5 Agfamatic for his tenth birthday. Thirty years on, he still does not leave the house without a camera.
Torn between car design and photography as a teenager, Lucking eventually opted for the latter - much to his parents’ disapproval. Traveling all over the globe for various assignments and personal projects, he finally moved from London to California in 2009 and now lives with his wife and son in Venice Beach.
His award-winning photographs have been published worldwide, auctioned by Sotheby’s of London and exhibited in prestigious galleries and ad agencies in Europe and North America. Jens has been invited to judge photographic competitions and publicly speak about his work to inspire a new generation of photographers.

APA Off The Clock 2012, 2013 The Art of Photography Show 2010 AOP Open Awards 2009
2004 Schweppes Photographic Portrait Prize AOP Awards 2001, 2002, 2005, 2009 2001 Velvia Bursary Award
2000 Kodak Class of 2000 Award 2000 John Kobal Photographic Portrait Prize 2001 AOP Assistants Awards 1998, 1999, 2000

Mille Miglia

Jens is an award winning photographer whose work has been sold in major art auctions, featured in worldwide...



A central motif of Lucking's work is the low camera angle that focuses on the feet. Here, Lucking creates a...


Pool Shadow

Again picking up the motif of the self-portrait in the form of Lucking's feet, he also adds his shadow. Mysteriously,...



A motif that runs throughout Lucking's work is a shot that includes his shoes- as if to cast the photographer within...



In this heart-warming close up of a "Dad" whether Lucking's or an anonymous figure, Lucking masterfully captures the...