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Gavin Mitchell

Gavin Mitchell

London based Mixed-Media Artist

The title MIXED UP describes the style of my work, the inspiration for my work, the material for my work and ultimately the images I produce.
The human and material landscape is where I draw my inspiration. The environment I live in and the world I travel through provides a limitless source of references that enthuse, intrigue and excite.
My own photography or ‘found’ materials provide me with the origins from which my artwork is created. I am always striving to find ways of adding another visual ‘layer’ to the inherently two-dimensional nature of my source.
The eclectic nature of the editions of work I produce are a reflection of my restless ‘digging’, either visually or literally. Every corner you turn or old box you dig through can send you off on an entirely new adventure.


London.     Northcote Gallery, Kings Road, London W1
Hong Kong.     Cat Street Gallery, Hollywood Road, Hong Kong

Recent shows 2013/15

Fourth Wall. Solo Show. Northcote Gallery. London SW3
On the Perimeter: The Edge of Photography. High House Gallery. Oxon
Strarta. Saatchi Gallery. London SW3
Return to Splendour: Collagistes Collective. Marylebone Gardens. W1
LAPADA Art & Antique Show. Berkeley Square. London W1
Cracker. Cat Street Gallery. Hong Kong
Abstract Notions. Solo Show. Northcote Gallery. London SW3
Signal 8. Cat Street Gallery. Hong Kong
Sound & Vision. collab w/Groove Armada SPH. London EC2
Kodacromes. SPH. London EC2

AAF – London/Hong Kong

Japanese repose iv

Inspired by a set of 1920's Japanese transparencies that Mitchell found whilst at a photography studio in Japan,...


Japanese repose iii

Mastering the art of life drawing, Mitchell's portrait of a Japanese girl lying down displays an excellent...


Japanese repose ii

This stunning life drawing of a beautiful Japanese lady is fashioned out an expert manifulation of shadow to create...


Japanese repose i

Elegant, serene, and beautifully drawn, Mitchell visually encapsulates the aesthetic of the East. The model is bathed...