Dygoro Sasaki

Dygoro Sasaki is a London based visual artist and photographer, born in Japan 1976. His works shows "the message of mess-age", that explores thought between memories and time, that are posited on anthropology, psychology as well as the notion of boundaries and reconstruction in a romantic melancholy style.

Dygoro's art works are basically from "The form of the time effects in memorised sense" which is about cyclical relationships between growth and decay, birth and death, creation and destruction, weathering, tracing life, once upon a time, time loops, fictitious identities, paradoxes, distorted and false memories, and memories of reflection and fragments, by installations, mixed media and visual arts. He uses enumerated still images, visual projections, environmental objects, decayed industrial warehouses or buildings, waste, antiques, plants, flowers, mirrors and recycling & industrial material objects.

His works have been exhibited and shown by: Shunt, London (2009), Shunt / Money Theatre, London (2010), Aesthetica Art Award / Finalists (2011), Hackney Wicked Art Festival, London (2009 – 2014), Lattitude Festival, Tate Britain, Norwich / UK (2011), Big Dance, Artch Gallery, London (2012), GAA / De Oude Kerk, Amsterdam / Holland (2012), Arbeit Gallery / Solo Exhibition, London (2013), Selfridges Show Window Display, YBT, London (2013) and International.artexpo / Border Body - Mixing Identities (MECA, Almeria / Spain) & (Palazzo Barone Ferrara, Bari / Italy) (2014)

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Dygoro Sasaki
Dygoro Sasaki