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Dmitry Oskin

Dmitry Oskin moved to live and work in London from St Petersburg, Russia in 2009 having trained there as a stylist working on film and photo shoots. Since moving to London he has developed his career in photography . He has experienced various cultures through travels to South America, South East Asia and islands in the Indian Ocean which have deeply affected his artistic outlook. His work in the UK to date has focused on fashion photography, with this debut exhibition  for VZ Gallery being a departure into the world of art. Currently he is working for Russian and English tv networks as well as undertaking fashion and private commission photo shoots in UK, France and Australia .


Oskin's photography is daring, provocative and potical in equal measure. Here, Oskin takes the the subject of the...


Money Obsession

Oskin's image of a 'money man' is a comment on the ever-increasing greed of Western culture. Packaged in coins, Oskin's...


Japanese Beauty

In memory of the Japanese Sunami disaster


Side Violence

Surreal, animalistic, provocative, whatever you name it Oskin's images do not fail to shock. This image of a topless...



Surreal, animalistic, daring, provocative, whatever you call it Oskin's images do not fail to shock. This image of an...



Recalling the provocative work of Robert Mapplethorpe, Oskin takes the subject of a black male's buttocks to create...