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Queen to King Two

Put me together again or I’ll have to work on it again. I love the time, the experience and the interaction with the...


Kaleidoscope of Dreams

Japanese Girl, Nako! Calm, delicate, peaceful, respectful and balanced. The garden of her delights.


Your Garden Playground

I feel your joy and pain. I hear you cry and sing of love.


You see me Yesterday

So many aspects – but you are all there.


Primitive Delight

A major battle with yourself – and you are winning.


I am the darkness & the light

Out of the darkness – the light of you, yet the darkness of your pain.


Look at me It's You

When you face the world always do it on your own terms.


Seeing me as I am

On which level do you exist? You are on so many levels – your experience is wide and rich.


I am the clouds and fall as if rain

Your weeks have not been good yet there is great beauty in your tears.


Fighting to be free

You are not hiding, you are as nature intended. Keep still.


Hunting for Me

You, You, You Are all here layer upon layer. To find you is hard, but worth the fight with your perceptual skills.


In and from Nature

You fit into nature as if you were part of it. You change colour and the warmth has gone.


Perception is all It’s me me me

Drawing what I know, remember and see. She is more than anyone; and there is more – look.


London sunrise 4

From Howard Kingsnorth's extensive body of atmospheric photographs of London, is inspired by Turner. this is no. 4 from...


The Shard

The Shard, Europe's tallest building, was officially opened with a laser show in central London in July 2012. Here...


London City looking south

Looking South from Broadgate Tower, Howard has accentuated the glass, concrete and steel that is the City of London. ...


Liverpool Street Station

Mot of us will have experienced London railway stations at some point. Many of us travel through them daily. In either...


Spring sunrise over City of London

Shot in April 2012 at sunrise from a helicopter, Howard has captured the sun rising over London from yet another...


London sunrise 3

No. 2 from his stunning sunrise series, this shot was taken from a helicopter in Aril 2012. The resulting, almost...


Millenium Wheel at Sunrise

Only possible with special permission, Howard shot this from from a helicopter over the Palace of Westminster at...


Millenium Dome & Canary Wharf

Another stunning aerial shot of London from Howard Kingsnorth. Shot in 2013, from a helicopter flying at 800ft, the...


London sunrise 2

From Howard Kingsnorth's extensive body of atmospheric photographs of London, this is no. 2 from his stunning sunrise...


Sylvia Undressed

A playful Sylvia by the pool. One can imagine this being taken at a swanky party by the pool of a mediterranean villa....



To contrast with the strong poses and expressions of Newton's pictures, here Jamie has captured Sylvia's softer side in...

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