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Beit Yanai Beach

The remains of an old pier on the beach near Beit Yanai, are a silent reminder of the struggles of past years. But,...


Light on Water

“Light on Water” depicts how beauty in nature can come in the simplest of forms. Sun rays sparkling on a body of water....


Heart of the Sea

January 1st, 2016 was a day of a major winter storm. The Mediterranean was infused with raw power and the waves were...


Grass in the morning light

After a night of heavy downpour, I decided to take a hike in the surrounding fields near where I live. I noticed light...



“Waves” speaks to me on so many levels. It represents the freedom every one of us possesses, even if we are not always...


ATP World Finals at O2

Leo Mason captured the world's top eight male tennis players (2016) in one exceptonal and unique image. This is a...


David Bowie in Monte Carlo 1983

This iconic shot of Newton's great friend, David Bowie, is one he considered of his best and chose to include in his...


Charlotte Rampling at Hotel du Nord

Charlotte said this would be her last ever nude shoot, a promise that Newton would persuade her to break a number of...


Riding crop and mirror

Believed to be Gunilla Bergstrom taken from the same shoot as Saddle 2 at the Lancaster Hotel, Paris.


Man kissing woman by stairs

For Vogue, Paris


Hotel suite 1 after dinner

Exquisitly sexy, kinky and typial of the sexually-charged work of Helmut Newton


David Bowie portrait

This a very rare crop of a well-known David Bowie photograph by Newton. It i unclear how this crop arose, but from our...


Model supporting model

For Yves t Lauranet, Stern Magazine


Piscine Deligny

For Patou and Laroche, Vogue. At the Piscine Deligny, Paris


Patti Hansen & Rene Russo

Patti Hansen and Rene Russo dancing in a field

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